I love pizza. Really, really love it. It’s one of those foods I immediately miss when I eat low carb. One of the things I love about it is its ease to deliciousness factor. It takes no effort to place a delivery order, or to pop a frozen pie in the oven, and a few minutes later, you have deliciousness in your hands making your mouth and tummy happy!  
That changes completely when you eat low carb. There are a bunch of multi-step recipes that need non-traditional ingredients (chicken crust, cauliflower crust, etc…), and they don’t really turn out well for the time invested, in my opinion. I love a yummy, crispy, thin crust, that holds up to ingredients, that you can pick up with your hand. I’m happy to say, I finally figured out a way to enjoy pizza the way I like it, without too much effort or time invested, and fabulous results!

My inspiration for this crust came from the cheese taco and tostada shells a lot of low carbers are familiar with.  What could be easier than melting cheese?  I start it in a non-stick pan, and a handful of shredded cheese, and heat over a low to medium flame.  Once it looks like the middle picture, I flip it and allow it to cook for a couple more minutes.  Then I put it on a plate to rest while I get the rest of the ingredients ready. It may seem a little floppy at this point, but it hardens as it cools.

In the same pan, I crisped up some pepperoni, added mushrooms and jalapeños, and once those were done, in went a few dabs of tomato paste with a dash of oregano.  

Another small handful of cheese is spread over the pizza toppings until melted.  You can cover the pan if you like to speed up the process.  I didn’t, because I didn’t want to wash any more dishes, and I kind of like the crispy cheese edges.  Once the cheese is nice and melty, carefully slide it out onto the crust.  Since we used the same pan for both the crust and topping, it should be a perfect fit. 

Ta da!  Crispy pizza done in a few minutes that is delicious and low carb!  When I plugged in the ingredients it came out to about 8 carbs for the entire 9″ pizza.  The crust kept its integrity through the last piece.  I wish I could tell you whether or not it was reheatable, or good cold the next day, but there’s never any left!  Enjoy!