To say that Rick and I have different taste in food is an understatement.  In short, I have taste, he doesn’t…just kidding!  He’s actually a super taster, so food that he doesn’t like, he really doesn’t like.  It sometimes makes meal planning difficult, because I love most foods, but I know there are some foods he just will not eat.  Eggplant is one of those foods.  Sometimes I take the stance, “more for me!”  Most times, I just don’t want to have to make more than one meal to feed this family.  Today started off one way, and wound up another.  

Aldi had beautiful eggplants on sale the other day, and whenever I see eggplants I want to figure out something to make with them.  I love them, but no one else in my family does.  Their loss, my gain!  I sliced my beautiful eggplant, salted and sprayed with olive oil, then grilled it on my George Foreman.  It just took a few minutes to grill the whole thing.  At this point I still wasn’t completely sure what I was going to make, but I figured something Italianesque.  

Luckily, I had a pound of grass fed ground beef in the freezer.  I just defrosted it in the microwave and browned it on my stovetop.  Once brown, I added a chopped onion, and a squeeze of minced garlic.

I added a large can of whole tomatoes after the onions had turned translucent.  I just broke the tomatoes up with a wooden spoon, then added a tablespoon of chicken soup bullion and let it cook for a few minutes.


After my sauce cooked down, I added some fresh basil from my garden.  I grow basil every year envisioning beautiful caprese salads and pestos I plan on making.  Every year my basil goes to seed before I use it, so I was very excited that I remembered to throw some into this sauce.  It’s the small victories in life that make me smile!

At that moment, my dish took a different turn.  Rick surprised me by coming home early!  Yay!  Right away he smelled what was cooking and was so appreciative.  I didn’t have the heart to continue making an eggplant dish that I knew he wouldn’t enjoy.  He arrived just in time to ensure he would get dinner!  He wanted pasta, so pasta he would get. 

I didn’t want to take the time to boil water to cook the macaroni, so I just dumped it in the sauce and crossed my fingers.  I did add a cup of water to the sauce knowing that the pasta would absorb some of the liquid.

The pasta simmered in a covered pot for about 12 minutes.  Shaved parmesan was added at the end.


Not bad for a last minute improvisation. It was quite delicious!  I still have grilled eggplant that I have to figure out what to do with, but it was worth the sacrifice seeing the smile on Rick’s face!