Today was another clean out the fridge day.  Addy wanted shrimp for dinner and I had baby bok choy and mushrooms that were not going to last ’til the weekend.   I’m trying to whittle down on my food buying and storing, so I’m really trying to use what I have in my pantry, two refrigerators, and three freezers.  They are all stuffed.  We’re a family of five, but even I know that’s a ridiculous amount of food to have.  Hopefully, the zombie apocalypse doesn’t occur after I empty my stores of food, or else I’ll be so upset.  For many reason I guess.  The likelihood of us losing electricity and losing hundreds of dollars of food is much higher at this point, so it’s time to fight my food and hoarding issues, and reclaim my garage!  Winter is coming…

This recipe was fairly simple.  I happened to pick up Panang curry paste a few days ago during my HMart excursion. I’ve never used it before, but I always see recipes online using red, green, etc…curry pastes, and I like curry, so the math made sense.  I just chopped and prepped all the ingredients above.  

I basically started by following the directions on the curry paste container.  I sautéed the paste in some coconut oil, added half the can of coconut milk, and then the bok choy and mushrooms.


Once those were softened up, in went the bamboo shoots and scallions.


Thirty seconds later the rest of the coconut milk and shrimp went into the pot.


Once the shrimp turned pink and opaque the cilantro was added and I took a taste.  I felt that it needed a touch more salt, so I added some fish sauce.  That’s totally a personal preference.  You may think it tastes enough like the sea and opt for regular salt instead.  I’m sure my sodium sensitive father would say nothing more was needed at all.  I like the flavor the fish sauce adds along with the saltiness the dish needed.

The end result was pretty tasty.  It would totally satisfy my urge for Thai food without causing me to cheat on my low carb diet.  At home I have control on whether or not we have rice and noodles available.  At the restaurant this dish would be served with rice, and no, I couldn’t refuse it or waste it.  I’ve mentioned food issues before, right?  I enjoyed it as a soup for dinner with a touch of lime juice.  It’s pretty filling and full of flavor.  Thank goodness it’s so easy to make!  I see now why those curry pastes are so popular!