Have you ever heard of Chinese chives?  I had completely forgotten about them until I went to H Mart the other day.  When I was a child my mother would make a dish of these chives with eggs and dry shrimp that was to die for!  So simple and yummy.  She’d make a big pan of them, and leave it out for everyone to serve themselves throughout the day.  Before long, that pan was empty.  

Sometimes, when I’m eating low carb, I get bored and run out of ideas of food to make.  I have to stop myself from just grabbing a chunk of cheese and calling it a night.  Not the best example for my kids.  Thankfully, I came across these chives and got inspiration.

I used my stovetop grill pan to cook up some hot smoked sausage that we brought back from our recent trip to Florida.  My husband loved it so much we made a special trip to Publix to get a few packs for home.  This was our last pack..*sniff* *sniff*

These are the Chinese chives.  Both my mom and HMart call them Chinese chives, so that’s what I’m going with.  They have a garlicky scent, that if you don’t wrap up carefully, could perfume your entire refrigerator.  Mom says they’re also great in soups…I’ll see about that tomorrow!

The rest of the ingredients are pretty simple, just eggs and shrimp.  I didn’t have any dried shrimp, so I used frozen shrimp that I defrosted in cold water and chopped up the chives into about half inch pieces.

I used the pan drippings from the hot sausage and cooked the chives on medium high heat for a few seconds.  Long enough for me to dump them in the pan, give them a stir, and snap a pic.  Maybe 30 seconds.

Next, the shrimp were tossed in. They also only cooked for about 30 seconds before I added the eggs.

Once the shrimp turned pink and started to curl up I added the eggs.

Everything cooked so quickly that I didn’t have time to crack the eggs into a bowl and beat them.  I could have done that before I started the cooking process, but honestly, I just forgot.  I just cracked them directly into the pan and stirred it all up really well.  At this point I added some salt too.  

After everything gets scrambled pretty well, I let it set for a minute or so, then flipped it all, pressed it lightly, and let it set for another minute or two.

In a short amount of time, breakfast for dinner is served!  This would also go well with the Filipino sausage longaniza.  I love that sausage, it’s a little sweet, and delicious!  According to the package, longaniza is only about 1 carb per sausage, so totally fine on my low carb days…and my not so low carb days too!  So much better than just a chunk of cheese for dinner, in just a few minutes!