Dragon fruit, dragon fruit, oh how you sadden me!  Have you ever tried dragon fruit?  I remember seeing this exotic fruit on TV for the first time.  It looked so intriguing…beautiful, smooth magenta skin covering bespeckled white flesh.  I dreamed of what it would taste like.  I love exotic fruit!  Lychees, mangoes, rambutans, even pineapples.  I knew I needed to try this fruit one day.  Unfortunately, at the time, dragon fruit was impossible to find around Chicago.  I had heard it was difficult to transport, so I reconciled myself to the fact that I probably wouldn’t be able to find it in the Midwest.  

Fast forward six years, and these things are everywhere!  I guess they figured out how to transport them, or maybe they’re grown domestically now.  I’m not sure, and after my taste test, I no longer care.  I started seeing them at H Mart and El Guero, and believe me, I was excited…but the price gave me sticker shock.  $8.00 for one fruit?!  Ummm…no thanks.  I wanted to try it, but not $8.00 try it.  Plus, they always seemed to look a little worse for the wear, kind of shriveled, kind of brown.  Not very appetizing at all.

Recently, I ran into Jewel to pick up a loaf of bread.  I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw dragon fruit looking me in the face, right as I entered.  A basket a beautiful, fresh looking fruit for $2.99 a pound?!  Was it a typo?  I didn’t care.  I hurriedly grabbed two and ran to the register with my treasures! I was ecstatic that I had scored two dragon fruits for less than the normal price of one, and they were beautiful!

Aren’t they beautiful?  So colorful, so plump! I couldn’t wait to try these babies. I gathered the family around the table for this momentous taste test.  This was going to be life changing, a treat for our taste buds that we couldn’t even imagine.  This was especially a big deal for my eldest daughter.  She’s allergic to most fruit, so she doesn’t get to eat a lot of it.  There are moments that I wonder if she’s playing me with this fruit allergy, but she’s pretty consistent, and willing to take Benadryl afterwards, so I choose to believe her. Finding a new fruit that she could eat and enjoy without suffering later would be simply amazing.  No scurvy here!

I sliced through it easily.  The skin is pretty thin, and doesn’t offer too much resistance, and the body is very tender.  

We were able to just scoop out the tender flesh with a spoon.  It was very juicy and very pretty.  I wish I could say it was also very delicious.  It. Was. Not.  It tasted like the memory of a kiwi.  Even that description is generous.  Kiwi flavored lip gloss has more taste.  Texturally it wasn’t unpleasant.  I didn’t really notice the seeds at all.  But a fruit that looks like that should be more than just not unpleasant!  It should be a taste sensation that matches it’s fiery color.  Talk about false advertising!

My youngest was happy to try her first dragon fruit!  I guess the good thing is that the taste is so subtle it’s not offensive. That’s a plus, right?  My eldest didn’t have an itchy mouth after she tried it, so another plus found.  We tried putting it in the freezer to see if cooling it would make it more refreshing, and while it helped a little, it didn’t really make up for the lack of taste.  

I did cut open the second one to see if maybe I just got a bum fruit, but it tasted the same.  Maybe I’m supposed to wait for them to brown up a bit?  I probably won’t try them again, and I’m a little sad that they were so disappointing.  Have you ever had a delicious dragon fruit?  Do they taste better in other countries?  Let me know what your experience has been!