When I’m in the mood for pizza, which is pretty often…shocking, I know, I don’t always want to wait an hour for delivery, or pay $30 for it once all the ingredients I want are added on.  At those moments I turn to my trusty freezer which usually has a couple of these Home Run Inn beauties in there waiting to satisfy my urgent pizza needs.  I am absolutely in love with the ultra thin crust.  It’s flaky, and buttery, with great texture, and ability to stand up to all the extras I like to pile on.  For less than $6.00 a pie it’s more than a bargain, it feels like a gift.   I love adding fresh veggies to my pizza, especially mushrooms.  I prefer the texture to the jarred or canned ones. Don’t  get me wrong, I can still eat them if not fresh, but if given a choice, hands down, fresh is the way to go for me.  I also love fresh jalapeño on my pizza.  It adds a little bite and color that totally enhances my pizza eating experience.  Because I’ve added jalapeños I don’t have to shake on red pepper flakes later.  I did say I was feeling lazy… Onions are next, and they’re sometimes a bone of contention in my house.  No one else likes them except for me.  Crazy, right? Lucky they’re easy to pick off!  Everything gets sliced and placed on top of the frozen pizza.  I finish it off with a sprinkle of oregano before I pop it into a 450 degree oven.     After about 15 minutes I am able to enjoy the fruits of my labor!  Notice my snazzy pizza cutter?  I forgot what I filled out to get a free one, but I love it!  One more reason to love Home Run Inn!   There you have it, in less time than it takes to get it delivered, I’ve got a slice of pizza heaven in my plate with all of my favorite toppings for less than $6.00.  This hits all my sweet spots, delicious, easy, and inexpensive!