Recently, I was introduced to the low carb high fat lifestyle.  I was faithful for a few months, dropped almost 30 pounds, and adapted it to suit my life and tastes.  I tend to stay low carb throughout the week, then carb out on the weekends.  It enables me to keep my weight stable, enjoy get togethers with friends and family, and not feel like I’m dieting all the time.  Although, to be honest, I’m really not suffering on the low carb days either.  Case in point, my pressure cooker pot roast.

I first studded the roast with garlic cloves then seasoned it with some salt, black pepper, and garlic powder.Those are the staples in my kitchen, most dishes contain all three.  I browned it on my stovetop just to save some time.

Pretty, pretty color on that meat!

After the beef was browned on both sides, I moved it to the pressure cooker, deglazed the pan with some beef stock, and poured that in too.  I added about half a jar of pepperoncini peppers without the juice, a few more cloves of peeled garlic, and a stick of butter.  My reasoning is this, grass fed butter is supposed to contain CLA’s that are good for you, and butter should add body to the gravy.  Since I wasn’t planning on adding other thickeners, butter seemed like the way to go!

After the pressure cooker was done, I let the pressure release slowly.  I then added a handful of frozen beans to the pot.  I like them to still have bite, so I just let them warm up for a few minutes in the pot liquid.  Notice how everything is glistening and delicious looking?  Thanks, Butter!