I don’t know about you, but mornings aren’t exactly my time to shine.  Good thing my husband is such a great morning person, it gives my kids a chance to grow up unscathed by my lack of enthusiasm as I get ready to face the day.  It’s all about the yin and the yang in this household.

Every once in a while I do feel pangs of guilt and have figured out a way to give my girls warm fuzzies in the morning without pushing the limits of my coffee too early.  Enter, the 4 minute cinnamon roll.  My kids love them to no end! And since they’re so use to my usual disposition in the morning, they’re always pleasantly surprised and super thankful once the warm smell of cinnamon goes wafting through the house.  Those are the mornings I’m supermom!  I’d probably do it more often, but I don’t want to outshine my husband.  As if I could…  Who starts the morning off with dance parties and TED talks?!  This guy does.  Lucky girls these daughters of mine!

Step 1: Pull out the good old George Foreman and plug it in.  I like to set it between medium and high.  Full disclosure, I tried this with a waffle maker.  I bought a waffle maker just to make cinnamon rolls, and it was awful!  It was non stick, I sprayed it, and the rolls still stuck!  What a pain to clean too!  The George Foreman is so much easier, no spray required, and no sticking.  The waffle maker went back to Kohls.  I don’t have the cabinet space to store aggravation.

Step 2:  Place the raw cinnamon rolls about an inch apart and close the grill.

Step 3: Wait 4 minutes then remove from grill.  I know the package says something crazy, like 18 minutes to bake, but that’s for those poor souls who took the time to preheat an oven and dirty bakeware to make their cinnamon rolls.  We’ll have finished eating our first batch, and maybe our second, long before theirs have even come out of the oven!  Winning!

Step 4: Frost and enjoy!  That’s it, no muss no fuss!  If I’m feeling extra generous I’ll let the kids frost their own cinnamon rolls.  Hey, I’m the gift that keeps on giving!