Pizza…who doesn’t love pizza? Well, except for my eldest daughter, but she has strange tastes, and doesn’t really like many foods. But for those of us with normal taste buds, pizza is magical! I recently started a low carb diet and really missed pizza. I know there are crustless versions out there, but it’s not what I was craving. I grew up on Pizza Hut and Domino’s. I still love them, but my Chicago bred husband abhors them both. In fact, he’s super picky when it comes to his pizza. He loves a thin crispy crust, with a slightly sweet sauce. I admit, I drank the kool aid, and prefer my pizza the same way if given a choice.

I was lucky to happen upon these low carb tortillas in Walmart, and kept them in my fridge for whatever struck my fancy. Well, one night I decided I NEEDED pizza. I got one of those bad boys out, toasted it up a little first in my Waring toaster oven. Added a couple of dollops of generic pizza sauce (which is surprisingly low carb), some cheese, mushrooms, and pepperoni, a sprinkle of oregano…threw that back into the toaster oven, and a few minutes later, my craving was satisfied!

I admit, I ate the whole thing myself. Not even a crumb was left for my poor husband. But, the recipe was so simple, he could make one for himself in a jiff!